Surfboard TORQ TEC The Don XL 9.0

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Surfboard TORQ Epoxy TEC The Don 9.0 XL Malibu Lon

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A performance longboard that will suit waves of any kind.

Through the middle is a straight template and flatter rocker. Effortless paddling and glide for early wave catching and trim. Up at the front is a wide longboard nose with a single concave underneath, a soft rail and medium entry rocker. It's a combination made for solid, stable nose rides in addition to easy carving.

In the back 3rd, the template narrows into a pulled in round tail with a double concave vee in the bottom and a medium tail flip. Designed for maneuverability, this tail allows the board to come hard off the bottom into the lip or carve a long arc back into the pocket.

An allround performance longboard in cutting edge technology.

9.0 x 23 1/2 x 3 1/2 - 81.8 ltr
US Finbox + 2 Futures Sidebites boxen

Lieferumfang: Board ohne Finnen

Torq Epoxy Composite bietet vielseitige Performance Shapes in fortschrittlichster Epoxy Bauweise.
Verwendet wird ein Mix aus traditionellen Fiberglaslagen und Carbonfasern, welcher die Boards ultraleicht und -robust macht.

Abmessungen: 282,00 × 64,00 × 9,00 cm

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