Powerex Mast RDM 100 Bambus 430 cm NP Flex Top

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RDM 100 430 NP bamboo 100% 21 25 1.9 4.2 PRO all Conditions YES YES

Mit Flex Top Biegekurve (Neil Pryde)
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Die BAMBOO NP-Serie wurde mit Flex Top Kurve entwickelt, um den Anforderungen all jener Kunden gerecht zu werden, die Neil pryde Segel verwenden, die eine Flex Top Luvkurve benötigen.

The new BAMBOO series represents an unprecedented innovation in the windsurf world: never before the mast industry had known such a radical departure from the traditional concept of mast technology and Powerex is proud to be the first brand in the world to offer you these cutting-edge products.
The BAMBOO series represents the perfect bond between natural and chemical fibers, taking advantage of the best characteristics each one has to offer.
Bamboo is an evergreen plant that easily adapt to a vast range of natural and weather conditions thanks to its incomparable heatproof, stiffness and natural elements resistance (wind, storm , water) qualities together with an incredibly long lifespan. In addition, many of its characteristics are similar to those of carbon fibers: bamboo is a composite material and it has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.
When we developed this product we were thinking about our more refined riders, those who are always in quest of the best and latest technologies and novelties on the market. Our BAMBOO series is a PRO mast that thanks to all its incredible characteristics can be used in all conditions.
The bamboo is cut in a thin foil and it is pre-treated to be completely water-proof and corrosion resistant. After this initial phase, the bamboo is melted together with the carbon fibers, covering the most external layers of the mast. Thanks to our ULTRA STRATIFICATION TECHNOLOGY, the carbon fiber and the bamboo foil are electronically matched together and bond using AEROSPACE MATRIX resins.
The result is a mast featuring incomparable qualities of resistance, strength and stiffness, offering a smoother and more efficient power transferring. In addition, the bamboo foil will sensibly reduce the temperature under extreme sun exposure and will give your mast an incredible shock absorbing effect against any hurt or scratch making your mast everlasting.

To make your mast even more powerful and "bombproof? we have introduced real TITANIUM REINFORCE filament on the most sensible areas of the masts. This is a special fabric made exclusively to Powerex. Titanium is an extremely hard and stiff material that needs to undergo several laser cutting passages to be reduced to thin filament. Once the filaments are obtained, they are woven together with the carbon filament obtaining an unbreakable material.

To find the perfect alignment between the top and bottom sections of your mast, we have developed the special PPJ (POWEREX PERFORMANCE JOINT) technology. The PPJ is applied in the final stage of the manufacturing process while measuring the spine of the mast. This procedure makes sure that on joint section you will have the maximum reflex ratio allowing you to get the best performance out of your mast.
There is another interesting features regarding our top and bottom sections of our masts: in all our bamboo masts, the top and bottom sections are totally interchangeable. This brand new feature will allow you to substitute only one of the two sections in the unlike event of breakage.
Last, but not least, all the masts comes in a comfortable and resistant HARD CASE BAG that will protect your mast during your transfers. . The case is made of Hard PVC covered by Cordura fabric. We have designed this mast bag from scratch, being really fussy on zipper quality and weight ratio. It has zipper cover on both sides to allow you to open it completely to wash it easily. The bag has a comfortable shoulder strap for transportation and it's big enough to host more than one mast!

Abmessungen: 220,00 × 9,00 × 5,00 cm

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